bringing everything you need to make your celebration magical!


- Take One Celebration

- Mix in a selection of free-range Children

- Add a sprinkle of party games, allow to bubble...

- Reduce heat and gently fold in One Organic Faerie Lou' 

  sit back and enjoy at room temperature, sweet dreams assured.

Sweet- Dream Recipe for success

What to expect...

  • Parties run for an hour of entertainment.

  • Using a tried and trusted formula = which  can consists of

  • original Faerie Lou' story

  • The-Best-Game-In-The-Universe (a sit-down treasure hunt),

  • puppets, bubbles, stamps and wearable bling 

  • original and known games (faerie, faerie, witch- faerie dare).

  • singing and dancing (often with a performance for the adults)

Who for?

Faerie Parties are suitable for anyone who loves magical creatures, boys or girls and who love playing imaginative games, so any age 1-100 years !


Other Themes

Faerie Lou is an inventor too and is always creating new, unique games and stories for children.  Along with the Classic Dream Faerie Party Package here are some other interesting additions you may be interested in.





Dream Machine   

Suitable for 5-12 years                                        

Learn the secrets of how Faerie Lou creates her amazing Dreams, using her custom built portable Dream Machine.   Guests help harvest the magic Dream- Dust, to share and to sprinkle into their dreams.

This is a interactive performance that requires a darkened space.



 Magical Spells and Potions Box

 Suitable 5-12 years


This Interactive 'Portable-Spell-Box' is full of many tiny treasure's and interesting ingredients.  Guests will have fun in participating in creating a 'Dream' Potion together, little humans love to make potions and everyone loves a great dream.  

This performance includes a funny original  story about how magic can sometimes go so terribly wrong! 


Children's Lie Detector Chair (& the Questions of Truth).

Great fun for fairs and groups. Hilarious inter-active entertainment in which the chair will reveal if a child is telling the truth with all the bell, lights and whistles...would they really swap their mummy for a new puppy ?!  

(This requires a darkened space to bestoperate)

Faerie Lou's Cherry on top game


It looks like a cake, but spins like a record, under its top layer lies delicious segments of faerie dare or truth. What ever one your spoon lands on will determine which you open.  Equiped with disguises and treats this is particularly fun for the older human child.


Faerie Lou' Ordinary has original faerie

dream wares for sale 

-Bell-jar Night-lights


-Wish jars


-Artwork and Illustrations

 and more...

Hand-made Faerie Merchandise



faerie night lights and wish jars
faerie night lights and wish jars

Faerie Lou makes different remedies for good dreams. These cute, hand made jars are bespoke with jewels.

Offical Dream Faerie
Offical Dream Faerie

Weavers of wonders, day dreamer and night believer.

When great imaginations come togethe
When great imaginations come togethe

Faerie Lou' and Friends

Treasure Hunt Game in a box
Treasure Hunt Game in a box

"The Best Game in The Whole Universe." Suitable for all children, all ages, all situations, all creeds and breeds. Hunt for the keys to unlock the treasure box and discover treats and surprises along the way


Magic comes in big and little packages

Winter Faerie Lou'
Winter Faerie Lou'

She has many seasons and flavours.

Faerie Blowing Bubbles
Faerie Blowing Bubbles

Dream Bubbles full of fun, for all children to catch, eat and pop so they have pleasant dreaming.


Faerie Academy 'Kidlings' displaying dream jars. Beautiful craft creations they have made.

faerie Lou laughing with Child
faerie Lou laughing with Child

Faerie Lou can offer a wide range of additions. Face Painting Faerie Make-up sessions Crazy Hair do sessions


Did you know to invite Faerie Lou to your home, children are

required to give their parents foot massages and say they love them three time a day.


Parties start at $150 dollars

and include;

     - A unique hour of Entertainment

     - As many guests as you want to invite

     - Prizes for the Treasure-Hunt game

     - A Faerie Certificate for the birthday child

     - Souvenir glow-in-the-dark Dream Stones

       for each child over 4 years for good                      dreams  (otherwise lollypops).

     - Bubbles, stamps and gem-stone decorations

     - Hassle-free, convenient fun and magic for all

Parties located further a field will incur a flight fee, please contact for an accurate quote.

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